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Follow job fair requirements: DOLE told companies

Cebu City, Philippines. Companies that are joining any Job Fair should be able to comply with requirements or else they would no longer be allowed to join in the next Job Fairs to come.

This was the statement of DOLE-7 Regional Director Salome O. Siaton in a meeting, when she learned that not all Job Fair participating companies are submitting their placement reports to the DOLE Regional Office after the conduct of said Job Fairs.

“It is very clear in the guidelines that participating employers, companies, recruitment agencies, and job-contractors/ subcontractors or their duly authorized representative/s should submit their placement report to the DOLE,” said Director Siaton.

There had been instances, she added, when the DOLE could not easily produce the Job Fair data needed due to the non-submission of placement reports from companies.

For local employment, Job Fair Placement Report should be submitted to the Regional Office, copy furnished the PESO, using the prescribed form within one (1) month after the Job Fair and every month thereafter until such time that the final report is submitted.

For overseas employment, same report should be submitted to the Regional Office, copy furnished the PESO within ninety (90) days after the Job Fair and every month thereafter until such time that the final report is submitted.

“The DOLE badly needs these reports in order to come up with sufficient data that are reflective of the real picture of employment and placement in the Region.  On our level, using these data, the public particularly jobseekers, will be informed of current labor market trends such as the positions that are in demand and those that are likely hired on the spot during Job Fairs or the types of industries that are usually hiring on the spot,” explained the DOLE-7 Head.

Data produced from Job Fairs, she continued, will form part of the DOLE’s Labor Market Information (LMI), which when crafted adequately, will also help jobseekers arrive at informed decisions.

However, Director Siaton continued, the DOLE will never be able to maintain and sustain adequate and reliable data if companies participating in the Job Fairs will also not be doing their share – and that is to submit their placement reports based on the guidelines.

“I have already made a stand on this and the same will be cascaded to all DOLE Field Offices and to our partner Job Placement Offices and PESOs. Companies will not be allowed to join in the succeeding Job Fairs if they failed to submit their placement reports of the Job Fairs they’ve participated in previously,” she said.

The Regional Director instructed all Field Office Heads especially the Technical Support Services Division-Employment Workers Welfare (TSSD-EWW) to keep track of companies that are not adhering to the Job Fair guidelines and delist them from the pool of companies eligible to join in the DOLE’s Job Fairs.

Apart from the submission of Placement Reports, companies are also required to post their vacancies or job orders at the DOLE’s PHIL-Jobnet, which is an automated job and applicant matching system aiming to fast-track jobseekers search for jobs and employers search for manpower. It can be accessed thru

The DOLE-7 Head encouraged all jobseekers, employers, labor unions, educational institutions, foundations, and NGOs to try accessing the PHIL-Jobnet. Using the system, jobseekers can submit their own application; search job opportunities; run job matching process; and get list of vacancies and corresponding employers' contact information.

As for the employers, they also have the options to post vacancies for free; search job applicants; run job matching process; and get list of applicants and corresponding contact information.




For more information on this report, you may contact Luchel SenarloTaniza, Regional Labor Communication Officer at telefax number (032) 266-2792 or you may send an email at


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